National Bereaved Parents Day

Today is National Bereaved Parents Day, raising awareness of all parents who have lost a child of any age, and from any circumstance. This includes still births, miscarriages and infertility, as well as neonatal deaths and child deaths.

Some of us have never come into contact with parents who are bereaved. Or sometimes we’re unaware of a bereavement. Those who’ve experienced a loss don’t always talk about it. Miscarriage, in particular, tends to remain a private issue, perhaps only aired years later, if at all. But regardless of whether we personally know someone who’s lost a child, the inmensurable grief and pain they must go through remains unfathomable.

I witnessed several neonatal deaths while my daughter was in intensive care, and have since followed the stories of many babies online who’ve sadly not made it. These little ones and their families are especially in my thoughts today.

If you, or someone you know, needs bereavement support the following organisations and charities might be of help:






Published by Amy Brett

My name is Amy and I live in London with my husband and our two little ones. Our second was born unexpectedly at 24 weeks on a family holiday. This blog is about those crazy things that life becomes filled with when you become a mum to a preemie. It's about what they mean to me, how I feel, what my short-term and long-term emotional responses are, and how I am changing as a result of all these new experiences. It's also about how many of those experiences are shared by other preemie parents, or parents whose children are sick.

One thought on “National Bereaved Parents Day

  1. It’s difficult to explain, but going back to work ect after a loss, you expect to be treated differently, especially the first few weeks.
    After a while though people start to treat you normally, even though this is what you want, it sometimes feels like they have forgot you have lost a child. You have this feeling like if you do talk about it, are you just going on to much about it. At the same time because its not mentioned you feel like you have to portray this, I’m doing well mentality even though underneath is a world of sadness.
    I guess for some people it’s easier not to mention nothing.

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