Medicalising motherhood

“I sighed deeply, exhausted and defeated by the realisation that feeding my child, the most primal and natural role that a mother can try to fulfil for her baby, would, of course, be yet another clinical event.” Excerpt from my upcoming memoir.

How can having a baby in neonatal care affect your mental health?

Families with babies in neonatal care can struggle with their mental health. Parents with a premature baby areĀ 50% more likely to experience psychological distressĀ compared with parents who do not spend time on a neonatal unit.

Miracle girl

It was my little girl’s birthday this week. She technically turned 2, though if she hadn’t been born 15 weeks early, she wouldn’t have been celebrating her second birthday until October. It seems odd that she will forevermore have a summer birthday when she could easily have had an autumn one.